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10 Reasons Why You Should Attend the IEEE Region 10 SYWL Congress 2016

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the IEEE Region 10, the special edition of the IEEE Region 10 Congress will be grandly held in Bangalore from 25th-27th August 2016. If you are still counting reasons as to why you should attend, here you go!

1. Meet people from many countries in the Asia Pacific Region and all over the world

The IEEE Region 10 congress brings together about 300 enthusiastic IEEE members spread across the entire Asia Pacific region as well as from other regions, into a single place. This exquisite multicultural experience will be one of a kind to all the participants! At the same time, you will be privileged to meet the elite IEEE leaders like, Barry L Soop (IEEE President 2016), Karen Bartleson (IEEE 2016 President-Elect) and Howard Michel (IEEE President 2015).


2. Learn more about being a volunteer

Volunteerism has so many aspects. The sessions and the tracks of the Region 10 congress are planned in such a way it enhances your volunteer profile with skills and knowledge to deliver better outcomes.


3. Sessions and competitions under a wide variety of themes during the Congress

The organizers of the congress have put careful attention to organize the sessions covering all the professional, entrepreneurship, innovation and technological aspects. Moreover, an interesting and engaging competition will be conducted among the delegates under the theme “Innovative Solution for IEEE Future Challenges”. This is your chance, so be prepared! Read more about what is there for you in the sessions from here.


4. Experience other cultures

One of the most awaited item in the agenda is the multicultural night. Imagine all the participants being dressed up with their amazing traditional dresses and perform their unique cultural dances and songs at the stage. Look forward to the colourful night and do not forget to be prepared to take part in it!


5. Learn more about IEEE

The region 10 congress will be the ideal platform to get to know about various IEEE initiatives, chapters, programs and teams. There will be several sessions which will help you to explore more about IEEE.


6. Gain new soft skills and develop existing ones

There will be several special sessions for the delegates to polish up their inherent soft skills and at the same time learn techniques to continuously improve them. These skills are vital for you to become a versatile personality!

7. Learn about opportunities, awards and competitions within IEEE

Though volunteering is always about giving something to the society, IEEE always recognize and appreciate the dedicated volunteers. The active and great volunteers in the region will be honored at the award ceremony during the Gala Dinner. The congress will also be an avenue to learn more about the opportunities you have as an individual and also as a group where there are many competitions being conducted to unveil your true potential.


8. Ultimate Fun

The immense fun you will get during the congress by being with the most amazing group of people across the region is definitely an integral part of the Congress experience. Be ready to enjoy with your new friends!

9. Motivate, innovate and help build the future of Region 10 and IEEE

The region 10 congress will be an exclusive opportunity to ponder ideas with the fellow like-minded participants and the IEEE leadership to leverage the future direction of the Region 10 (and beyond!).


10. Responsible networking

Imagine the number of new nodes which will be added to your professional network. Meet the IEEE leaders, active IEEE volunteers, industry experts and pioneering researches all under one roof. Sometimes you will get an opportunity which you even dared to dream of!

The original article titled as “The region 8 student and young professional Congress 2016 – 10 reasons why you should attend” was composed by the IEEE Region 8 Young Professionals for their June 2016 newsletter.