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IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals – Geographic Zones

Hello IEEE Region 10 Young Professional Members,

IEEE Region 10 is a really vast area with multiple countries, cultures and cities. IEEE Region 10 comprises of 17 Countries and 57 sections. To provide more benefits and host more activities, the IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals will have 4 Zones:

1. North Asia – China | Japan | South Korea | Hong Kong
2. South East Asia – Singapore | Malaysia | Philippines | Vietnam | Taiwan | Indonesia | Thailand
3. South Asia – Bangladesh | India | Pakistan | Sri Lanka
4. ANZ – Australia | New Zealand

We will be having 4 Geographic coordinators from these 4 zones who will help coordinate activities and initiatives in the respective sections. We aim to closely work with all the section YP Affinity Groups in keeping them active and form new YP Affinity Groups in the sections which do not have one.

This is a status update for January 2016 and we will try releasing an update every 3 months or 6 months to keep everyone aware of the happenings. We are putting together the team and the plan of activities for 2016.

Looking forward to a great year with all your support.