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Empowering Future Technology Leaders: A Transformative Career Discovery and Immersive Leadership Training Experience​

Welcome to

CLAP 2024

The IEEE R10 Young Professionals’ (YP) Career and Leadership Aid Program (CLAP) is a transformative career discovery and immersive leadership training experience designed to empower the next-generation of technology leaders in crafting meaningful and impactful careers.

In the spirit of Ikigai, the Japanese concept of ‘the reason for being’, CLAP 2024 is designed to take a holistic approach towards equipping undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and early career professionals to be well-rounded and future-ready leaders. Join us in CLAP 2024 for interactive workshops on personal and professional development, meet industry experts and engage in multidimensional career discovery, enrich your international professional network, and gain invaluable insights from IEEE leaders on creating societal impact. CLAP 2024 will be held on the 29th August in Tokyo, Japan, in conjunction with the 2024 R10 SYWL Congress.

Registration is open

Registration will be open till 31th, July 2024​

CLAP 2024 will be held in

National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo

Maximize your CLAP 2024 experience!

Mark your calendars! CLAP 2024 takes place on August 29th. To ensure full program experience, plan to arrive on August 28th.

What to expect?

CLAP 2024 goes beyond traditional career guidance, fostering well-rounded leaders prepared to thrive in the ever-evolving tech workplace.

Discover your leadership style

  • Explore your strengths, values, and develop a confident and impactful leadership presence.
  • Immersive workshops to provide training in delegation, effective communication, conflict resolution, and inspiring teams.
  • Learn to make responsible decisions and navigate complex challenges with integrity.

Build a diverse skill set

  • Hone life skills such as communication, collaboration, teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving through workshops, simulations, and group projects.
  • Heighten your Emotional Quotient by developing self-awareness, empathy, and emotional regulation for effective leadership and navigating workplace dynamics.
  • Interactive talks and discussions on emerging technologies aligned with technical skills for future job demands.

Industry Exposure & Mentorship

  • Learn from and interact with industry leaders, mentorship sessions for guidance and exploration of career paths, and gain insights into successful careers.

Connect with your future

  • Network with established leaders, build and expand your international professional community.

Continuing engagements

  • Beyond CLAP 2024, get access to blended learning programs on emerging technologies, invitations to career fairs, internships, volunteer opportunities, training – technical and professional development, become part of an exclusive network of CLAP alumni and much more.

Program Delivery


The program will encourage students to apply their learnings through real-world projects.


Expect a combination of interactive workshops, on-demand online modules, and self-directed learning activities to cater to diverse learning styles.


CLAP 2024 will foster peer-to-peer learning and support through group discussions and collaboration on projects.


This program equips students to become not just successful employees but also future leaders who can navigate the complexities of the ever-changing world of work.

Increased Career Clarity

Empower students to make informed career decisions aligned with their passions and skillsets.

Confident Leaders

Cultivate strong leadership qualities for navigating complex work environments.

Enhanced Employability

Develop future-proof skills and experiences highly attractive to employers.

Well-rounded Individuals

Prepare students to thrive not only professionally but also personally.

Day Program


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Announce MGA Catalyst collab and rebranding/CLAP satellites

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Last announcement of the competitions


Creating scial impact the IEEE way - social entrepreneurship/SA?

Networking and Relationship Building

Decades difference in the industry


Design thinking for Leadership - Immersive workshop



Meet the leaders - Speed mentoring & Networking

Industry & Sponsor booths

Robotics and Automation


Adapting to Change and Uncertainty


Emerging technologies


Emerging technologies


Panel Discussion on career discovery - multidimensional careers


Competition presentation


Closing Ceremony

Divya Sanyukta Yutaro