Funding program

R10 Young Professionals Student-YP Joint Activity Fund


IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Student-YP Joint Activity Fund is initiated to improve Young Professionals (YP) and student collaboration within the particular OU level. This will improve student engagement with YPs and their activities, to learn, get inspired, and get motivated to excel in their professional career through career development events, coaching, and entrepreneurship workshops. Upon graduation the transition rate can also be increased and maintained and helps the student community to understand the importance of being YP after graduation. Moreover, this initiative also aims to provide a platform for students to network with section-level IEEE Young Professionals volunteers and to get motivated to contribute to their section YP AG activities after graduation.

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

The proposal can be submitted by any Section AG, Student Branches, Student Branch Chapters or Councils with the respective YP AG in the OU as the Lead. The proposal should be submitted by a project lead. The project lead should be the focal volunteer till the completion of the project.

Fund Qualification Criteria

Proposals submitted by the respective team  must fulfill all the criteria in order to be eligible for the grant. The activities could be organized in any format including Face-to-Face, virtual or hybrid modes.

The activity must be in alignment with IEEE R10 Young Professionals Committee goals of conducting any of the following:

  • Career Development Activities (Career Fair/workshops/Industry Forums)
  • Coaching on Further Study After Graduation
  • Entrepreneurship Activities/workshops
  • Development of innovative applications (YP should be the team lead/mentor).

Proposal Judging Criteria

The proposals submitted should include a brief overview of the activity to be conducted along with the impact of the activity. A proposed date, program, and expected outcome should be included in the proposal. The proposal format should follow the template provided.

The proposals will be judged according to the following:

  • Nature of the proposed activity and its objectives
  • The quality of the proposed program and its speakers
  • Impact – A description of how the planned activity can benefit student members retention and transition to Young Professionals as well as increase the bond between students and YPs.
  • Metrics to measure its success (Number of students /student branches/participants/ student branch chairs/ student branch counselors)
  • Financial support requested from R10 Young Professionals

Funding Limits

Submission by YP AG of a Section:

  • Face-to-Face activities: A maximum of USD 400.

  • Hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) activities: A maximum of USD 400

  • Virtual Activities: A maximum of USD 250.

Submission by a Council:

  • Face-to-Face activities: A maximum of USD 700.

  • Hybrid (face-to-face and virtual) activities: A maximum of USD 700

  • Virtual Activities: A maximum of USD 400.

Any event submitted by a council must be opened to support all sections and their members within. 

This year the funding is released based on the IEEE Region 10 Matching Fund Policy. 

  • A Large Section’s project (1501 members or more) will be supported with 50% of the total fund*

  • A Medium Section’s project (501 to 1501 members) will be supported with 75% of the total fund*

  • A Small Section’s project (less than 500 members) will be supported with 100% of the total fund*

  • A Council’s project will be supported with 100% of the total fund*


Submission Procedure

The proposals should be submitted via the R10 Young Professionals Submission Portal with the following steps.
  • Step 1: Access the Young Professionals Submission Portal
  • Step 2: Register as a User” or Login with your IEEE/Google account
  • Step 3: Select the funding category from the drop down menu (Student-YP Joint Activity Fund)
  • Step 4: Complete the questionnaires
  • Step 5: Upload the proposal
    (The proposal format should follow the template provided. Please skip Step 6, if the YP affinity group chair is the project lead (submitter).
  • Step 6: Request & receive endorsement.
    (Step 6 is only applicable if the project lead (submitter) is NOT the YP affinity group chair. The endorsement should be requested via the Region 10 Young Professionals Submission Portal. Submit a request for endorsement by providing the endorser’s contact information. The endorser should be the YP affinity group chair. Once the project lead has submitted a request for endorsement, the endorser will be receiving an automated email from the system to provide the endorsement at a dedicated webpage)

Once the endorsement is received, the proposal gets automatically completed in the system. No further action is needed.


Round 2 (July 2022 – December 2022)

5th July 2022
Call for proposal submission
5th August 2022
Deadline for proposal submission
20th August 2022
Result Announcement
1st Sep – 31st Oct 2022
Duration given to organize projects
15th November 2022
Deadline for report submissions

Within a maximum of one month from the date of event completion. Final date to submit all reports is 15th November 2022

15th Nov 2022 – 30th Nov 2022
Report evaluation period
December 2022
Fund Transfer


E-certificates will be awarded to all Affinity Groups that have completed the proposed project under the funding. Project articles will be published in the R10 Young Professionals website and Region 10 Newsletter.

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims are only applicable for projects that are selected for funding. A detailed report should be submitted within the specified time period to IEEE R10 Young Professionals Committee. The report should include a brief article with the activity details accompanied by pictures (which will be published in the R10 newsletter). Recording links of the virtual activities should be stated in the activity report. The report should include the attended number of participants (specifying the count of  IEEE members attendees). The report format should strictly follow the templates provided to the respective project lead which will be provided to all fund recipients during the results notification stage.

The funds will be transferred only upon receiving the following items:

  • Activity Report
  • Finance/expense Report
  • All Receipts