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Technical Writing and Publishing Workshop Series – #TechnicalWriteIndia

There are a lot of instances where IEEE Young Professionals are making an impact to the community they belong to. We recently met an inspiring IEEE Young Professional from Bangalore section, who has introduced a new initiative to enhance some important traits of college students.

With the campaign #TechnicalWriteIndia, Mr. Abhishek Appaji, Vice Chairperson, IEEE ​Young Professionals Bangalore Section aims to equip college students with the knowledge of technical writing and publishing. For this initiative, he has been conducting workshops at various colleges to share his knowledge and to escalate India’s position in the field of research. His main agenda is to reach 1000 participants by the end of this year for this awareness workshop.

The workshops cover an interesting line up of topics which help the students to become proficient in technical writing. Moreover, they become well aware of the process of publishing their research work so that due recognition for their hard work can be obtained. In fact, whether these students step into the industry, or opt to pursue graduate studies, being skillful in technical writing always help them to outshine.

The general topics being covered include, the current scenario of research in India, making an effective power point​ presentation​, email etiquette​s​, academic search engines, ethics in technical writing and publishing, writing a technical paper along with certain hands on topics like references writing and citations, reference manager​, factors to consider for publishing, impact factor, academic writing and where to publish?

He has conducted these workshops in various colleges of Bangalore section like BMS College of Engineering (Bangalore), Bangalore Institute of Technology (Bangalore), Vemana Institute of Technology (Bangalore) and NIE Institute of Technology (Mysore) as well as certain colleges outside the Bangalore Section. He intend to expand it to other sections as well.

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IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals congratulate Mr. Abhishek Appaji for his commendable efforts!