Funding program

R10 Young Professionals Special Support Fund 2022


IEEE R10 Young Professionals Special Support Fund is created to provide financial support for newly formed or dormant Young Professionals (YP) Affinity Groups (AGs) of Region 10 to kick start activities to increase local volunteers’ engagement, satisfaction, and consequently gain enough momentum to function as a fully sustainable Young Professionals Affinity Group(s). 

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

There are mainly three options:

Option 1: The activity is proposed and organized by 1 dormant/newly formed YP AG solely;

Option 2: The activity is JOINTLY proposed and organized by 1 active and 1 dormant/newly formed YP AG (the dormant/newly formed YP AG should be the main applicant);

Option 3: The activity is proposed by an IEEE council, and JOINTLY organized by multiple AGs within this council. In this case, at least 2 AGs should participate, including at least 1 newly formed/dormant AG.

The proposal should be submitted by the project lead. The project lead should be the lead volunteer till the completion of the project, who can be any of the following officers:

  • Option 1 and Option 2: Section Young Professionals Affinity Group Chair or Section Chair
  • Option 3: Council Chair


Newly Formed/Dormant Young Professional Affinity Group Classification:


  • Affinity groups that were formed within the last 2 years. 
  • Affinity groups that have reported less than 2 activities in previous year. 

Fund Qualification Criteria

Proposals must fulfil all the criteria to be eligible for the grant. Each proposal shall consist of a single activity or series of activities. Activities could be organized in any format including in-person or virtual mode. 

The activities proposed must collectively deliver the following;

  • Membership drive to enhance IEEE Young Professional Memberships
  • Briefing on young professional affinity group event and officer reporting via Vtools
  • At least one professional development session for Young Professional members
  • A briefing session for students on the importance of continuing IEEE membership after graduation

Proposal Judging Criteria

Funding will be granted for quality proposals evaluated based on the judging criteria. The proposals submitted should include a brief overview of the activities to be conducted along with the impact of the activities. The proposed date(s), program and expected number of participants should be included in the proposal. The proposal format should follow the template provided.

The proposals will be judged according to the following:

  • Nature of the proposed activities and its objectives
  • The quality of the proposed activities and its speakers or event organization.
  • Impact – A description of how the planned activities can benefit Young Professional members
  • Metrics to measure its success (Number of YP members/participants)
  • Financial support requested from R10 Young Professionals.

Funding Limits

For proposals that follow Option 1, the selected proposal can be funded with maximum of US$ 600. For proposals that follow Option 2 and 3, the selected proposal can be funded with maximum of US$ 900. 


5 April 2022
Proposals submission opens
30 April 2022
Submit Proposals
30 May 2022
Notification of Acceptance
June - October 2022
Activity Execution
31 October 2022
Submit Activity Completion & Report
November - December 2022
Fund Transfer

Reimbursement Claims

Reimbursement claims are only applicable for proposals that are selected for funding. A detailed report should be submitted within the specified time to IEEE R10 Young Professionals Committee. A brief flow of the activities accompanied by pictures must be in the report. The report should include the attended number of participants (specifying IEEE members attendees). The report format should strictly follow the templates provided. The report templates will be provided to all fund recipients during the results notification stage.


The funds will be transferred only upon receiving following items:

  • Activity Report (If multiple activities are conducted, all activities details should be included into a single activity report)
  • Finance/expense Report (If multiple activities are conducted, financial details of all activities should be included into a single finance/expense report)  
  • All Receipts
  • Activity Recordings (only applicable for virtual activities)


Certificates will be awarded to all Affinity Groups/Council that have completed the proposed activities under the funding. Activity article will be published in R10 Young Professionals website and Region 10 Newsletter. If multiple activities are conducted, all activity details should be summarized into a single article. The article should be prepared by the project lead or his team and should be included in the activity report.


For enquiries please contact: