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IEEE STEP 2016 – A PROLUSION by IEEE Delhi Section

By Katya Sri Sai

“Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing towards what will be” as quoted by Khalil Gibran.

As an engineering undergraduate nears the day ending 4 years of his/her spectacular journey of college life, fears ponder their mind about the onset of a new journey about which many might be skeptical about .This is where IEEE extends a helping hand in the form of STEP (Student Transition and Elevation Partnership) program.

IEEE STEP was developed to provide a dynamic program for facilitating the transition from a student member to young professional by introducing the opportunities and benefits of IEEE membership during the onset of a STEM career. It envisions persuading the recent graduates proselytize to young professionals and intends to train and aware them, being a stepping stone in the world of professionalism.

DSC_0051IEEE STEP 2016- the first of its kind was organized by IEEE Delhi Section in conjunction with IEEE NIEC on 28th March, 2016 at Northern India Engineering College, Shastri Park, New Delhi.

The Executive Committee decided to host this event in a heuristic manner, by giving the graduates a fair experience of the startup world with the help of some prominent speakers on emerging trends of technology. The forum was declared open by the Director of NIEC [Northern India Engineering College] where engineering students across Delhi were invited.

DSC_0510Amidst 150 exhilarated audiences, the lamp lighting ceremony marked the onset of the event, and the guests were welcomed in the traditional Indian culture, followed by bouquet presentation and an inaugural address by the Director of the college, welcoming the dignitaries, and explained steady growth of the institution.

One of the premier and notable happening of the event was that the session was live streamed with the help of internet which can be viewed from here.

Dr. Kate Jenkins Mercado, Senior Member of IEEE (magnetics, CES) and Coordinator of Undergraduate Student Activities of Region 6 and Mr. Kartik Misra, Chairperson, IEEE Delhi Young Professionals were the special guests for the event, and gave their expert insight on the transition from a student to a Young Professional, and the benefits and opportunities that come with being a Young Professional.

Mr. Kartik Misra, Chairperson of IEEE Delhi Young Professionals and Tech Lead, Customer Experience Management Operations, Airtel, gave an expansive lecture on the “Benefits of Being a long term IEEE Member”, since he has been a member for over ten years, and the importance of focusing on technological research.

DSC_0539Dr. Kate Jenkins Mercado, Guest of Honour, gave a small presentation on “Hardware Startups”, and explained how with a little hard work and efficiency, all the efforts could be made extremely profitable. She explained how R10 and the Delhi Section were better than the R6 in terms of interest, but lagged behind when it came to supporting infrastructure and maker spaces. She also exhorted that the initiatives and startup potential in India is incredibly exceptional, but hardware startups were lacking. Her advices included the different stages of developing a product. She was impressed by the IEEE NIEC “Maker space” and the projects drawn up by the enthusiasts. “Smart Mirror” presented in the Maker space was one of the most appreciated project by her. Her comprehensive outlook and spirit was well appreciated by the gathering.

The second session of the day was initiated by Dr. Arti M.K., Branch Counselor, IEEE-WIE-NIEC on “Hybrid Satellite Systems” which is being funded by the Government of India by a whopping amount of Rs.36 lakhs. She illustrated the basics of Satellite systems, as well as the interpretation and implementation of the same. This was followed by a talk by professionals as well as eminent speakers such as Mr. Hitesh Rohilla, Director, enCypher Technologies Pvt. Ltd; who presented a talk on “Not My Cup of Tea”. Being an entrepreneur he explained how startups fail, and the procedure of bouncing back from failure. Mr. Shamik Ghosh, Business Editor, Telematics Pvt. Ltd.; on “Exploring career options in Market Research/ Technical Consultancy”. He explained the importance of Technical Consultancy in today’s market and its impact on a global level. Mr. Jaimin Upadhyay, Founder, Tech Labs India; who addressed the gathering by sharing his experience of developing a 3D Printer. He explained how to start an idea and chase it until you are satisfied.

It was followed by a Lunch Break for all the participants and speakers. Dr. Kate Jenkins Mercado and the other speakers along with the Director, CEO and the Branch Counselors had the meals together enjoying the delicacies of Indian cuisine.

Before the departure of Dr. Kate Jenkins Mercado, a memento was presented to her by the CEO of NIEC. Members of IEEE Delhi Section and IEEE-NIEC spent some lively time with Dr. Kate Mercado and other speakers, discussing various aspects of IEEE and association of Region 6 and Region 10.

DSC_0066The guests were endowed for marking their omniscient presence by mementos and a special souvenir giving a small glimpse of India to Dr. Kate Jenkins Mercado.

DSC_0431 (2)IEEE NIEC Maker Space was the star attraction of the day, showcasing an ecosystem of technology. Crop Monitoring via Wireless Sensor Networks, Patient Monitoring System, Smart Mirror, Climbing Robot, IEEE-NIEC Android app and web-site amazed the audience, the most.

The day filled with a vista of experiences, knowledge and wisdom concluded with valediction and group photographs.

The event strove for what it was planned for. Eminent presence of the Delhi section and honorable recipients flourished the campus with enthusiasm and sanguineness. This IEEE Chapter looks forward for more enriching and constructive opportunities for an individual to learn, explore and be instrumental in serving the humanity.DSC_0125

By Katya Sri Sai, Editorial Head-IEEE NIEC