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IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Career Leadership Aid Program 2023


IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Career Leadership Aid Program (CLAP) is focused on equipping student and graduate student members with the necessary skills to achieve their career goals and facilitate their transition to IEEE Young Professional. The program offers a diverse array of activities to provide participants with an extensive understanding of career prospects worldwide. This document outlines the program’s goals, range, schedule, and projected outcomes..


The objectives of the CLAP Program are to​


Provide a comprehensive outlook on potential career paths in academia and industry after completing their studies, as well as guidance on how to attain


Enhance the leadership abilities of the participants by fostering self-assurance and accountability


Aid the participants in recognizing their strengths and unique traits, and leveraging them to the fullest extent


The Career Aid and Leadership Program is open to undergraduates, recent graduates, early-career professionals and individuals looking to switch careers. The CLAP will cover the following areas:

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Entrepreneurship and innovation


Leadership and management skills


Career planning and development


Resume writing and interviewing skills


Professional communication and networking

Call for a Proposal

IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Committee invites the Sections of R10 to submit proposals for hosting the Career Leadership Aid Program (CLAP) 2023. Interested Sections are requested to submit the proposal with full financial implications in organising the event. You are also asked to submit the list of committee members for the effective organization of the event.

The dates of the proposed program may be set between the beginning of September and the end of November according to the rules set in salient points below . You can select these dates depending on local and other factors considering maximum participation.The program should not overlap with the following events:

  • 2023 IEEE Region 10 Symposium (TENSYMP), 6th-8th September 2023
  • 2023 IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference (HTC), 16th-18th October 2023
  • 2023 IEEE Region 10 Conference (TENCON), 31st October-4th November 2023

The format of the program should be a face-to-face event if travel restrictions due to Covid-19 are completely removed in R10 by the time of the program. If there are travel restrictions in some parts of Region 10, the proposer should provide a hybrid format (face-to-face + virtual). We do encourage the event to be in Hybrid mode to include more participants from all over the region.

The last date to submit the proposal, completed in all respect, is 30th April 2023.

Who Can Submit a Proposal?

The proposal can be submitted by an IEEE YP AG of a Section within Region 10. There shall be one proposal from one Section. 

A. Salient points

  1. The proposer shall be an IEEE YP AG of Section of Region 10. There shall be one proposal from one Section.
  2. The proposal format should STRICTLY follow the template provided. Please download the proposal template at this link.
  3. The Lead Coordinators and Steering Committee will contain volunteers from IEEE R10 YP which includes the R10 YP Chair, R10 YP Vice Chair and SYP Coordinators whereas the Organising Committee will be proposed by the section. IEEE R10 YP might bring other regional collaborators on board as a part of the steering committee. 
  4. The host section should expect across the globe collaboration which may include international speakers, sponsors, delegates, and other partners. This is to ensure access to global perspectives, financial and resource support, diverse and inclusive programming, and opportunities for international cooperation and innovation.
  5. The duration of the Event must be a minimum of 2-3 days and arrangements for reserving the Conference room/Auditorium for the occasion must be made. 
  6. The program is expected to have a participation of at least 150 delegates
  7. The program should consist of interactive activities in groups/individuals. It can consist of activities/workshops/forums/site visits that align with CLAP’s vision.
  8. State-of-the-art Event facilities shall be arranged in an air-conditioned auditorium to seat 150 delegates and 4 to 5 air-conditioned rooms to accommodate at least 30 participants for group discussions/parallel sessions/other meetings. The venue shall have facilities of the business centre, Fax, Wi-Fi and printing.
  9. The Host is recommended to offer accommodation (which is not mandatory). The cost of accommodation can be added to the registration fees. However, if the Host decides not to provide accommodation, participants should be able to arrange their own lodging. In such a case, the chosen venue must be in close proximity to other hotels and accommodation options.
  10. Good quality food shall be arranged for the delegates depending on their preferences for vegetarian/halal foods.
  11. The venue shall be easily accessible by air, train and road for the comfort of participants.
  12. Organizing Committee shall have representation from the YP AG committee.
  13. Program details along with the balance sheet of the program shall be updated and shall be provided to the Lead Coordinators and Steering Committee (Chair of IEEE R10 YP, Vice-Chair of IEEE R10 YP, SYP Coordinators) as and when required.
  14. Apart from the proposed program schedule, the final program schedule shall be approved by IEEE R10 YP.
  15. IEEE R10 YP shall always be available for support and guidance.
  16. Organizers of the event shall submit the financial/expense report to Steering Committee within 30 days after the Event. The R10 treasurer shall review the report and ask for clarification if required.
  17. Organizers shall carry out a feedback survey after the event and shall submit the report to the Steering Committee of CLAP.
  18. Organizers shall prepare a write-up for R10 Newsletter in consultation with Steering Committee of CLAP.
  19. In case of conflicts, decisions shall be taken by the Steering Committee of CLAP and and shall be final.

B. Financials

  1. Region 10 shall provide support of USD 2000 to the host section after the completion of the event and submission of the expense report with receipts.
  2. Region 10 YP Committee will try to apply for funding from various IEEE Sources. 
  3. The host section is encouraged to seek external funding or sponsors to accommodate any expenses for the program. The sponsors or funding can be in the form of materials, grants, products, vouchers & etc.

C. The Proposal Document (in PDF):

  1. Details of IEEE Section (Includes details of Past Successful National/International Events)
  2. Name of the Section Program Lead (Point of Contact) – Email / Phone Number
  3. Proposed Venue (City, Hotel Details, Accessibility, Facilities)
  4. Potential List of Partners and Sponsors
  5. Proposed Organizing Committees 
  6. Objective 
  7. Program of Proposed Activity and Outcome
  8. Budget
    1. Income (in USD) – Include registration income, Sponsorship, and Other support funds 
    2. Expenses (in USD) – Accommodation, Conference Facility, Food, Kits, Speaker Travel

D. Evaluation Criteria

  1. The proposals shall be evaluated on the basis of the following:
    1. Venue (quality, accessibility, attractions, etc..)
    2. Financial viability of the event
    3. Program of Proposed Activities and Outcomes


The proposal format should follow the template provided and should be submitted via Region 10 Young Professionals Submission Portal with the following steps: 



Access the Young Professionals Submission Portal



Register as a “user” or Login with your IEEE/Google account



Select category from the drop-down menu (IEEE R10 Young Professionals – CLAP | Call for Host)



 Complete the questionnaires



Upload the proposal (The proposal format should follow the template provided. (Download Now!



Request & receive endorsement. (Please skip if the YP Affinity Group Chair is the project leader (submitter))



Submit the proposal request.
  • Step 6 is only applicable if the project leader (submitter) is NOT the YPAG chair. The endorsement should be requested via the Region 10 Young Professionals Submission Portal. Submit a request for endorsement by providing the endorser’s contact information. The endorser should be the YPAG Chair or Council Chair/YP Rep (For Council Submission). Once the project leader has submitted a request for endorsement, the endorser will be receiving an automated email from the system to provide the endorsement at a dedicated webpage) 
  • The endorsement should be submitted before the proposal submission deadline. Once the endorsement is received, the proposal gets automatically completed in the system. No further action is needed.

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