Big Data Techniques – Chengdu Young Professionals

The IEEE Region 10 Chengdu Young Professionals hosted their first workshop on November 19, 2016. The event took place in the Machine Intelligence Laboratory, College of Computer Science, Sichuan University. The event focused on big data techniques and was divided into several sessions. Dr. Jianyong Wang and Dr. Zhentao Gao hosted the first session on Big Data New Challenges. After a brief review of basic elements in big data, participants discussed about this topic. Dr. Lituan Wang and Xueying Shi hosted the next session on Visual Object Tracking. The guest from Alibaba Chengdu, Mr. Yaran Lu also discussed several industrial problems with the participants. After that, Dr. Yao Zhou, Yan Wang and Zizhou Wang hosted the session on Object Detection. Finally, Xiaofeng Qi, Dayiheng Liu and Xin Shu hosted the session on Natural Language Processing Techniques. In each session the participants discussed the key technique problems with the corresponding hosts. The discussion carried on for the whole day, and in the end all the participants took photos together.

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