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Understanding Baidu’s Practice and Research | Seminar by Taipei Young Professionals

By Yuan-Hao Chang

IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group of Taipei Section conducted a seminar on 28th April, 2016 at Room 124, Research Center for Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

The guest speaker of the event was Mr. Jian Ouyang, who is currently the Principal Architect in Baidu, a prominent Chinese web services company with a diverse product portfolio. Mr. Ouyang leads the data center architecture team in Baidu to build a non-traditional architecture and system for emerging applications. Also present in the event was Dr. Yuan-Hao Chang, Chair of IEEE Taipei Young Professionals Affinity Group.

The purpose of the seminar was to understand how Baidu builds systems for data centers. Mr. Ouyang talked about ways of extending the Moore’s law by exploring the new data center architecture regarding Baidu’s practice and research. Various topics were covered including how the data center’s new architecture has been designed and the supporting of deep learning algorithms such as Deep Neural Network (DNN), Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for modern AI applications and speech recognition devices. Mr. Ouyang also introduced the current development status of the driver-less cars in Baidu.

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The event focused on encouraging graduate students and research assistants in Taiwan to work in the industry with large-scale systems. Around 25 graduate students and research assistants, including some members of Taipei Section’s Young Professionals attended this seminar. The program was a success among the participants and the Taipei IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group wishes to arrange more sessions like this in the future.

Yuan-Hao Chang