You are currently viewing Technology Today and Beyond: Cloud Computing Workshop – IEEE Young Professionals, Karachi

Technology Today and Beyond: Cloud Computing Workshop – IEEE Young Professionals, Karachi

A Cloud Computing Workshop was organized by IEEE NEDUET Student Branch in collaboration with IEEE Young Professionals, Karachi on 7th August, 2016. The event was a huge success that a large number of students who needed to quench their thirst in technological knowledge gathered around amidst the bad whether condition.


The tech talk series began with the formal welcome of the participants by Hamza Zain, the managing director at IEEE NEDUET SB. The first speaker for the day was Mr. Rabeet Sagri from IEEE Young Professionals, Karachi. The informative speech comprised of an introduction to the concept of ‘Virtual Computing’ and proceeded further explaining what clouds in computer taxonomy means and finally enlightening the attendees about cloud computing. Mr. Rabeet covered all the technical details of cloud computing and finalized his presentation with a demonstration of cloud servers.

The second speaker, Mrs. Binte Zohra, an alumni of NEDUET, pulled back the energy of the audience focusing her speech on the career opportunities along with research areas in cloud computing and how it’s being gradually becoming a hot topic within the country. Moreover, she shared her experiences of growing as an IS Analyst at Phillip Morris International. Her presentation gave a new vision to students and inspired them to pursue Cloud Technology.



Mr. Ali Raza, Vice-President Sales at Cyber Internet Services being the last speaker for the day, briefed the students about impact and need of cloud computing highlighting the utility of it in industry. He discussed the future of this technology and how it will be expanding further. In addition to this Mr. Raza motivated the students to explore cloud technology on their own too.

Concluding the proceedings, Jahanzaib Chippa, coordinator, IEEE Young Professionals Karachi Section played back some memories of the section from past and gave the participants some hints on the next moves to keep their eyes peeled.