“Introduction to Micro and Smart Grid” – PSYWC,2016

A session on  Micro and Smart Grid was conducted at PSYWC, held at National University of Computer and Emerging Science – FAST (NUCES-FAST), Karachi Campus on September 29th, 2016.

The interactive session was conducted jointly by Mr. Iftikhar Ali Shah, Assistant Manager at Karachi Electric (K.E) and Engr. Farooq K. Alam, former Lab Engineer at FAST NUCES, Karachi and currently working as the Research Assistant at School of Science and Engineering, Habib University, Karachi.

In order to briefly introduce the concept of smart grid and its implementation in Pakistan, firstly Mr. Shah introduced the concept of smart grid briefly and being a company responsible to provide electricity to the world’s seventh largest metropolis in terms of population, how K.E is doing in this area to minimize the line losses and theft issues to improve the overall electricity distribution and transmission network of the city.

After that Engr. Farooq K. Alam continued the session with an in-depth talk on Micro grid in which he talked about the operating modes of Micro grid, its pros & cons, its applications, types of Micro grid, Hybrid AC/DC Micro grid, structure of the Hybrid, AC/DC Micro grid, Modeling of Hybrid, AC/DC Micro grid, modeling of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) control strategies for the VSC, droop control strategy for the VSC and conventional vs. robust current controller for the VSC simulation Tests. He left students with some future directions on which further research could be done. All students who were present over there interacted with speakers and also shared their ideas.

Lastly, cake cutting ceremony was done in order to mark the inauguration of IEEE NUCES PES Chapter which was recently formed. IEEE NUCES Student Branch Counselor Prof. Dr.  Asim ur Rehman Khan along with Student Branch Chairperson Shujaan Akhwand and PES student chapter chairperson Mr. Shaikh Anas cut the cake.

By PES Young Professionals