IEEE Region 10 places very high priority to assist Young Professionals in their early career by creating opportunities to network, refine and plan their career goals, and learn soft skills to boost their chance for success. Region 10 encourages and financially supports Young Professional Affinity Groups in the region to conduct activities beneficial to the members and realize Region 10 objectives. Region 10 has launched the Region 10 Young Professionals Outstanding Section Affinity Group Award to motivate and recognize the efforts and achievements of Young Professionals Affinity Groups. The award will help Young Professionals Affinity Groups in its membership development by member’s satisfaction. The award will be conferred annually for one best Young Professional Affinity Group who have done substantial contributions to its members. 

The purpose of this award is to recognize the achievements and activities of one best outstanding Young Professionals Affinity Group in Region 10. This recognition will motivate the winners to do even better and serve as examples for others to follow.

Based on the merit of each nomination, the Region 10 Young Professionals Awards Committee will select one winner for the prevailing contest year. If no Young Professionals Affinity Group is found to be suitable, no award will be given in the contest year.


  • Only Young Professionals Affinity Groups of IEEE Region 10 are eligible to apply.
  • The Young Professionals Affinity Group will not be eligible to receive this award
    twice within five years.
  • The Young Professionals Affinity Group must have reported at least four activities for its
    members, between January – December of previous year, which includes (and not limited to), social/online events, professional talks, technical talks, administrative meetings, etc.
  • The activity mentioned will be considered only if it is reported in the official reporting system, vTools Events.

Nomination Conditions

  • The nomination should be made by the Chair of the IEEE Young Professionals Affinity Group and it should be endorsed by the respective IEEE Section Chair.
  • The nomination should be submitted via the R10 Young Professionals Submission Portal with the following steps.
    • Step 1: Access the Young Professionals Submission Portal 
    • Step 2: Register as a “user” or log in with your IEEE/Google account
    • Step 3: Select the award category from the drop-down menu
    • Step 4: Complete the nomination questionnaires. 
    • Step 5: Request & receive endorsement. 
      (Endorsement should be requested via the Region 10 Young Professionals Awards Submission Portal. Submit a request for endorsement by providing  the endorser contact information. Once the nominator has submitted a request for endorsement, the endorser will be receiving an automated email from the system to provide the endorsement at a dedicated webpage.)

Once the endorsement is received, the nomination gets automatically completed in the system. No further action is needed.

Basis of Selection
The following points will be considered in the selection:

  • Group’s overall contributions created an impact and added value to the membership of IEEE Young Professionals while showcasing leadership, professional, networking, student transitions, and collaborative activities.
  • Impact of collaborations with industry or academia or both
  • The quality of Young Professionals Affinity Group Management including administrative
    meetings, activity reporting, succession planning for future and any best practices that
    can be emulated by other Young Professionals Affinity Groups.
  • Collaboration and organizing activities with Section or Chapter enabling interaction between Young Professionals and senior members.
  • Activities organized with student branches enabling interaction between IEEE Young Professionals and student members and as well as for enhancing student to Young Professional membership transitions.
  • Collaborating IEEE Young Professional activities with other non-profit (WHO, Red Cross, etc.) affiliations/groups.

Selection Committee

The Region 10 Young Professionals Awards Committee is composed of at least six (6) members for coordination, execution, processing, and selection of award recipients. The awards committee reserves the right to present no award if the committee is not satisfied with the standard or quality of entries received. The decision of the awards committee, as approved by the Region 10 Director, is final.


  • Call for Nominations: 20th March 2020
  • Nomination Deadline: 30th May 2020 
  • Evaluation period: 1st June  to 30th July
  • Recipient Notified:  Around mid-August to early September

Award Instrument
An award plaque and US$ 300 cash prize will be awarded to the winning Young Professionals Affinity Group.

The award will be presented during the Region 10 SYWL Congress if scheduled for the year, with the winning affinity group representative attending on self-funding basis. Otherwise, the award will be handed over to the respective Section Chair during the Region 10 Annual General Meeting for presentation to the winner during an appropriate local event.

Record/ Notification

The IEEE Region 10 Young Professionals Committee Chair notifies the result of selection by e-mail to individual award recipients. Region 10 Awards & Recognition Committee Chair will make an official result announcement to the Section/ Council Chairs and Secretaries and maintain a record of award recipients on the Region 10 Website.

Submit Award Nomination

Points of Contacts:

To: Region 10 Young Professionals Committee (   

Cc. IEEE Asia-Pacific Limited Office (

Cc. to Region 10 Awards & Recognition Committee Chair (

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